Post-Operative Rehabilitation

What is post-op rehab?

Typically following orthopaedic surgery, a period of gradual rebuilding is required to help the injured area return to full function. This starts often quite early after the surgery and involves progressing to the right exercises at the right time. Often going through several different phases as the person improves.

This can be a long process and returning to physical activity may vary depending on the individual’s goals and previous level of function (e.g. what work, hobbies or sports they enjoy).

What we do

Because each surgery may be different, specific protocols are often required to ensure the person returns to full function safely, without compromising the repair work. Your physiotherapist will expertly help guide you through each stage of your journey, managing pain, while improving movement and strength as quickly and safely as possible.

Examples of Orthopaedic surgeries include (but are not limited to):

  • Joint replacements for osteoarthritis, e.g. Knees (TKR), Hips (THR)
  • Arthroscopic knee surgeries e.g. ACL reconstruction, meniscus injuries
  • Tendon repairs e.g. Achilles rupture, rotator cuff repairs
  • Ligament repairs e.g. ankle injuries
  • Spinal surgery
  • Fixation of fractures (broken bones)

Why choose Aspley Physiotherapy for your rehabilitation?

Aspley Physiotherapy is home to a dedicated, supportive team of therapists, up to date with current knowledge on surgical techniques, protocols and management based on the latest evidence.
For more information on services or to make an appointment, call our clinic on (07) 3263 5786.

Have a surgery coming up soon? Consider “Pre-hab”

It is now well established that doing strengthening exercises in the weeks before the surgery will help make the recovery afterwards easier.

If done effectively, for osteoarthritis it can improve things so much that they avoid the need for joint replacement in the first place.

How soon should I come in before an operation?

As soon as possible, the more time you have to build up the better!