Caitlin Cagnola

B.Phty. (J.C.U.) Member APA

Special Interests: Men’s Health, Pilates, Spinal conditions, Shoulder injuries, Orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation, Ante/post-natal care

Caitlin joined the team at Aspley Physiotherapy after moving to Brisbane from Townsville, where she graduated from James Cook University in 2011. Her first working years were spent at The Townsville Hospital, before transitioning to private practice. Since then, she has completed additional training and developed a strong interest in the areas of Pilates, orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation, pelvic floor retraining, running injuries, tricky shoulders, and spinal conditions, just to name a few.

Caitlin uses a variety of treatment methods to achieve optimal results with each patient, including hands-on manual therapy, muscle energy techniques, dry needling, a variety of taping techniques, and exercise-based rehabilitation Caitlin is dedicated to providing a high standard of evidence based care to assist each patient in reaching their goals.

In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys travel, keeping fit, and spending time at the beautiful beaches the east coast has to offer.