Sports Injuries

Looking for your local sports injury clinic in Aspley? 

At Aspley Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, our physiotherapists provide support and treatment for a wide range of conditions and injuries incurred on the sporting field, enabling you to get back to work and play as soon as possible. 

We also provide advice and training education to ensure you are not re-injured The physiotherapists at our conveniently located sports injury clinic provide treatment for injuries including but not limited to: 

  • Stress fractures: sports injuries caused by solid impact during game play. In conjunction with your doctor, your physiotherapist will help ensure you recover and heal safely and correctly. 
  • Knee joint injuries: pain, swelling and/or stiffness, caused by stress to the muscles and ligaments. 
  • Hamstring/groin strain: painful swelling and/or bruising to the hamstring or groin on one or both sides. 
  • Sprains: an injury to the ankle, wrist or other joint, caused by wrenching or twisting sharply. 
  • Muscle pain: caused by muscle damage, linked to overuse or improper warm up/cool down. Your physiotherapist will help with immediate pain relief as well as muscle recovery. 

To make an appointment for sports physiotherapy in Brisbane at Aspley Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, call our clinic on (07) 3263 5786. 

Sports Injury Focused Physiotherapists

All of our Physiotherapists are specialists in Sports Injuries.