Men's Health: Core + Pelvic floor

CORE + PELVIC FLOOR is an individual one on one program designed for prostate cancer patients both pre and post operatively. It is a specifically tailored educational and exercise regime with the goal of improving or preventing incontinence. 

We use Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging as an aid in our program, which is a research and evidence based method for teaching pelvic floor and ensuring each patient learns the correct technique. 

Other Men's Health Issues

Although less talked about, many men can also experience unique issues and regardless of their age.

Here at Aspley Physiotherapy we also treat:

  • Lower back/pelvic pain
  • Pudendal nerve pain (pain that refers into the groin or genital area)
  • Increased urgency or frequency of urination
  • Overactive core or pelvic floor muscles

Men's Health: Focused Physiotherapists

Carina Wardrop (Associate)

B.Phty (U.Q.) Member APA

Matthew Eldridge

B.Phty (J.C.U.) Member APA