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Telehealth consultations are an additional service for those who would like an alternative to face to face consultations.

Telehealth appointments are available for any Aspley Physiotherapy clients who are worried about attending the clinic, are unwell or are unable to attend due to current COVID-19 isolation requirements.




You might be asking - how does physiotherapy work in an online setting when you are used to the traditional hands on experience.

Firstly, think about what your traditional physiotherapy consultation usually entails:

  1. Discussion about the problem

  2. Assessment of movement and the area involved

  3. A diagnosis or working hypothesis as to what's going on

  4. Advice on what to do about it and formation of a treatment plan

  5. Hands on treatment ie manual therapy

  1. Exercise prescription ie a home program for you to do

  2. Referral on for further investigation if necessary


With an online video consultation, the only step we can't do is step 5 (the hands on part)! 

The rest we can still do! 

Which is a lot better than sitting at home ignoring the problem.


You still have access to all your physiotherapist's knowledge, experience and clinical reasoning skills.

And... Research shows that telehealth delivery of physiotherapy can be just as effective as in the bricks and mortar setting!


How much will it cost?

Private health fund rebates are now available for telehealth consultations. Please check with your health fund regarding your cover. Medicare rebates are available with an eligible care plan from your GP.

Initial Consultation: $80         Follow up consultation: $75

This includes a video consultation, provision of an exercise program via Physiapp including videos of exercises, and 1 week of follow up access to your physiotherapist via the secure messaging feature


It is our priority to keep you safe and well during this time. If you are interested in learning more about our tele-health options or to make an appointment please contact our reception team on (07)3263 5786 or



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