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Clinical Exercise for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

Aspley Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic offers CLINICAL EXERCISE for OSTEOPENIA/OSTEOPOROSIS. Conducted individually or in small groups.

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Regular physical activity and exercise is recognised as one of the most effective lifestyle strategies to maximise peak bone mass and to reduce the risk of fractures later in life. Regular weight-bearing exercises and progressive resistance training can increase bone density and prevent bone loss associated with menopause and ageing. High challenging balance and mobility training is also effective for improving balance, gait and co-ordination, which can reduce the risk of falling. In the UK and Australia, after 60 years of age, one in two women, and one in three men will suffer an osteoporotic fracture. (Osteoporosis, Australia)

CLINICAL EXERCISE for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis focuses on exercises in standing, ie. weight-bearing, and emphasises the need for predominantly extension and functional movement. It incorporates the visual, vestibular and neuro-musculoskeletal systems. It avoids the compression forces on the vertebrae involved in forward flexion, side-bending and combined forward flexion-rotation used in traditional Pilates/yoga exercises.

  • The classes are taught by a physiotherapist incorporating all the latest research.
  • An assessment may be required prior to class entry to ascertain individual outcome measures and potential risk factors.

Clinical Exercise Therapy for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis is conducted by Lynne Harvison Morris.


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