Meet our team

Our Physiotherapists cover all musculo-skeletal conditions and their special interests range through Sports Physiotherapy, Female Health, Ergonomics, Dry Needling, Spinal Care, Gym programs and Clinical Exercise Therapy. 

We are a family friendly clinic. Everyone is welcome. 

Our Physiotherapists

Carina Wardrop (Associate)

B.Phty (U.Q.) Member APA

Special Interests: Rheumatological conditions, Vertigo, Headaches, TMJ, Orthopaedic rehabilitation, Men's health, Pilates & Hydrotherapy

Caitlin Cagnola (Associate)

B.Phty. (J.C.U.) Member APA

Special Interests: Men's Health, Pilates, Spinal conditions, Shoulder injuries, Orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation, Ante/post-natal care

Tertia Ferreira (Associate)

B.Sc. B.Phty. (U.O.F.S.) Member APA

Special Interests: Women’s health, Spinal conditions, Hip pain, Dance and sports injuries, Pilates/Clinical exercise therapy

Bridget Arnold

B.Ex.Sc M.PhtySt. (U.Q.)

Special Interests: Paediatric conditions (children), Post-operative rehabilitation, Neurological conditions, Back pain, Hydrotherapy

Matthew Eldridge

B.Phty (J.C.U.) Member APA

Special Interests: Sports Injuries, Knee/Shoulder Injuries, Chronic pain

Lynette Delport

B.Phty. (U.O.F.S.)

Special Interests: Spinal Conditions, Shoulder Injuries, Pilates/Clinical Exercise Therapy

Mary Turner

B.Phty. (U.Q.)

Special Interests: Musculoskeletal, Sports, Ante and Postnatal care

Our Reception Team

Jo Pilkington

Practice Manager

Sophie Lang


Belinda Kearney