Our KIDS EXERCISE CLASS is now running every Thursday afternoon!

During the lockdown period we had in Brisbane earlier this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of our kids were unable to participate in their usual sports activities.  When sport was able to resume, we noticed a large increase in kids needing to attend the clinic for injuries as a result of de-conditioning and returning back to their pre-lockdown levels of training. We also noticed that quite often they had balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle imbalances that were contributing to their injuries and niggles. We wanted to find a way to help them improve all these things and build on their body awareness, which ultimately will lead to better sports performance and less injuries! Hence our kids exercise class was born!


This class is ideal for any kids aged 10-14 years, who want to improve their core and overall body strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and sports performance!


Our kids classes are expertly designed by our physiotherapist Bridget to:

  • Build muscle tone and strength, and correct muscle imbalances
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Improve posture and body awareness
  • Help prevent injuries common in children’s sport
  • Rehabilitate from injuries and growth related conditions
  • Assist with reducing growing related pain by improving flexibility

To find out more, contact our reception team now on 3263 5786.

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