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Established as a physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane in 1982, the practice offers a friendly, spacious and professional environment, enabling patients of all ages to feel comfortable and relaxed. This allows treatment and exercise to take place under the care of experienced and professional physiotherapists and ancillary staff. It’s just part of why we are a destination physiotherapy clinic for North Brisbane and Northlakes locals as well.

Call our friendly staff on 3263 5786 and you will be given an appointment immediately. Our receptionists Jo, Karen Ali and Ellie will be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Services & programs

Bounce Back Core Stability & Active Rehabilitation Program is a program of spinal stability, which focuses on improving spinal strength, balance and co-ordination with the aim of restoring clients to their pre-injury status, to re-enter the workforce and/or continue an active sporting life. The program is offered as a one on one basis, in order to improve individual outcomes.

Spinal Care @ Aspley

This is a combined educational and exercise based program, designed to treat and prevent spinal injuries. It has been developed by Judy Dunning, our musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist.

Sports injuries and Musculoskeletal Injuries

These represent a large number of presentations to the clinic and patients are both treated and educated in prevention of such injuries in order to return to their chosen sporting activity or simply return to pre-injury status.

Pilates Clinical (mat)

Clinical Pilates is now available and classes are conducted by Tertia, Carina, Caitlin and Lynnette. Please ring reception for bookings.

See our Pilates class timetable here

Pilates for osteopenia/osteoporosis

This is conducted by Lynne, either individually or in small groups of four to six. It focuses on exercise in standing, ie.weight-bearing positions, and avoids the compression forces on the vertebrae involved in forward flexion-rotation used in traditional Pilates/yoga exercises.

Women's health

Women's health is an area of special expertise, and appointments can be made with Tertia Ferreira


Hydrotherapy is available for all clinic patients, using state of the art, on-site pools. Enquiries are welcome (3263-5786)

Core + pelvic floor

Individual one on one program, with the Principal of the practice, Lynne Harvison Morris. This program is a specifically tailored educational and exercise regime for prostate cancer patients both pre and post operative. The outcome is zero incontinence.

Our Physiotherapists: Lynne, Tertia, Carina, Judy, Caitlin, Brendan and Scott, cover all musculo-skeletal conditions and their special interests range through Sports Physiotherapy, Female Health, Ergonomics, Acupuncture, Spinal Care, Cross fit and Gym programs to Pilates and Spinal Education Classes.

We are a family friendly clinic. Everyone is welcome.



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