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Established as a physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane in 1982, the practice offers a friendly, spacious and professional environment, enabling patients of all ages to feel comfortable and relaxed. This allows treatment and exercise to take place under the care of experienced and professional physiotherapists and ancillary staff. It’s just part of why we are a destination physiotherapy clinic for North Brisbane.

Call our friendly staff on 3263 5786 and you will be given an appointment immediately. Our reception team Jo, Sophie, Belinda, and Thea will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Management Plan

Please click on the link for more information on how we are working to keep you safe when visiting the clinic and the options available if you are not able to attend in person.


Services & programs

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Our experienced physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal conditions with a high level of care and a focus on best evidence based practice. We are passionate and committed to helping you overcome your pain and get back your quality of life.

Sports injuries

Our team is here to help you get back to achieving your sporting goals. Whether you are a weekend warrier training for a specific event, a gym enthusiast, playing team sport for your local club or competing at an elite level we are here to help. Patients are treated effectively in order to continue or return to their chosen sporting activity, as well as educated in how to prevent injuries in the future.

Clinical Exercise Therapy

Clinical Exercise Therapy classes are conducted by all our physiotherapists onsite in our purpose built gym area. These classes focus on building core strength, improving posture, increasing overall body strength and flexibility, and rehabilitation from injuries. They contain exercises drawn from Pilates, functional strength and conditioning, yoga and physiotherapy rehabilitation principles. Exercises are modified to meet each individuals needs. We also offer Men's classes. Please ring reception for bookings.

See our exercise class timetable here

Exercise for osteopenia/osteoporosis

We offer individual exercise regimes or small group classes specifically tailored to promote improvement in bone density and prevention of injury in those with osteopenia and osteoporosis. This involves focusing on exercise in standing, ie.weight-bearing positions, and avoids the compression forces on the vertebrae involved in forward flexion-rotation used in traditional Pilates/yoga exercises.


Hydrotherapy is available for all clinic patients, using a local heated hydrotherapy pool. It is a fantastic tool for rehabilition, pain relief, general strengthening, and overall wellbeing. Enquiries are welcome (3263-5786)

Dry Needling

Neuromuscular dry needling is an effective treatment modality using acupuncture needles to treat pain, myofascial tension, and movement impairment. Currently all of our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling and may utilise it as part of their overall treatment plan. 

Core + pelvic floor

An individual one on one program, with Caitlin, Carina and Matt. The Core + Pelvic Floor program is a specifically tailored educational and exercise regime for prostate cancer patients both pre and post operative. The goal is to improve or prevent incontinence.

Women's health

Women's Health is an area of special expertise, and appointments can be made with Tertia Ferreira.

Spinal Care @ Aspley

Back pain is one of the leading causes of time off work and can lead to immobility and reduced quality of life if not managed well. Our team of physiotherapists are committed to excellence in managing spinal pain, using the latest research, evidence based treatment and technology. Our goal is to help patients overcome pain, return to work and sport, and get their quality of life back. We use a combined educational, hands on and exercise based approach, designed to treat and prevent spinal injuries. 


Our Physiotherapists cover all musculo-skeletal conditions and their special interests range through Sports Physiotherapy, Female Health, Ergonomics, Dry Needling, Spinal Care, Gym programs and Clinical Exercise Therapy.

We are a family friendly clinic. Everyone is welcome.



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